COB Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony

commencement_cermony1The COB Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony was held 5:00 PM, Thursday, 26th May, 2016 at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium, Thompson Blvd., Nassau, Bahamas. Theme: “Sharing the National Vision: Shaping the Future”
Photos captured by Michael Swann to include: Opening of Convocation (Mr. Alfred Sears, QC), President’s Address (Dr. Rodney Smith), Musical Selection-COB Concert Choir directed by Mrs. Audrey Wright, Introduction of Commemcement (Dr. Pandora Johnson), Commencement Address (H.E. A. Missouri Sherman-Peter, Ambassador, CARICOM), Musical Selection-COB Band directed by Mr. Christian Justilien, Presentation of Candidates for Certificates, Associate, Bachelor and Master Degrees, Presentation of Special Awards-The Stanley Wilson Award for Excellence in Research Awardee (received by Dr. Raymond Oenbring), The COB Alumni Society Leadership Award (received by Trevor O. Johnson, Jr.), The President’s Award (received by Trevor O. Johnson, Jr.), The GG Award (received by Trevor O. Johnson, Jr.), Commencement Class Speaker-Trevor O. Johnson, Jr., Presentation by the Class of 2016, Alumni Society Induction, Alma Mater, Closing-Chairman Alfred Michael Sears, Benediction by DrCarolyn Rolle, Recessional.