Grand Bahama & Family Island Development

As we seek to diversify our economy in an effort to expand effectively our country’s revenue base, it is imperative that specific focus be placed on the ongoing development of both Grand Bahama and the Family Islands. With this
consideration, I propose the following:

  • Review and determine the licensing functions of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, the intended trust obligations under the Hawksbill Creek Agreements for the benefit of licensees of the Port and Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the status of the 7-1/2% equity ownership of the Bahamian Government in the Grand Bahama Port Authority.
  • Reconstruct the West End Docking Facility to facilitate seafood
    entrepreneurs from the community of West End.
  • Establish a Sweeting’s Cay Docking Facility for the purpose of encouraging entrepreneurship by providing proper ferry services (and other essential services) to the settlement of Sweeting’s Cay.
  • Pursue actively a Public Private Partnership effort for the road maintenance and solar lighting of the roadway from The College of The Bahamas (Northern Campus) to all settlements throughout East Grand Bahama.
  • Commence a Government Housing Project in East Grand Bahama to provide residents with access to affordable homes.
  • Review the Business License agreement between the government and the Grand Bahama Port Authority with the view to return the sovereign power of issuing business licenses back to the Grand Bahamian citizens.
  • Increase the investment in the Northern Campus of the College of The Bahamas to facilitate multiple degree programs that can be completed at the campus.
  • Establish a Grand Bahama Logistics Center with the view to marketing Grand Bahama as an international logistics hub for maritime, storage, light manufacturing and medical research.
  • Establish a Grand Bahama Industrial Training Academy that will be used as a tool to train prospective candidates for high quality jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities in the Industrial Sector.
    This will also serve to provide Bahamians with key skills to qualify for managerial jobs and replace a significant portion of the existing expatriate workforce with Bahamians.
  • Construct, with public/private partnerships, a recreational, cultural, skills training and entrepreneurship facility in the community of Eight Mile Rock.


Family Islands

  • Establish a “Local Crown Land Authority” on each Family Island
    which will be charged with the task of reviewing and approving all applications for Crown Land on each island.
  •  Appoint “Fisheries Reserve Officers” on each Family Island. These officers will comprise persons from the community
    who will be trained to assist the Royal Bahamas Defense Force in the protection of our borders from poachers, monitor the marine stock and ensure compliance with environmental laws and preserve our Fisheries Industry.
  • Establish quality control and structured pricing system for the sale of seafood abroad to ensure steady demand for Bahamian seafood products.
  • Finalize and execute plans, in public/private partnership, for the funding and construction of mini hospitals on the various family islands to decrease the need to travel/relocate to New Providence to seek medical care.