Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alfred Sears?
  • Alfred Michael Sears is a Bahamian, husband to Marion Bethel, father to Adelaja, Ife and Nia and a patriot with a love for The Bahamian people and a desire to bring about real change to make our Bahamas better.
  • Alfredis a noted attorney and Queen’s Counsel, a former Member of Parliament for the Fort Charlotte Constituency, a former Attorney General and Minister of Education, a former College Professor, former Chairman of The College of The Bahamas, former Co-Chairman of the National Reparations Commission, author, culturist and a proud member of the Progressive Liberal Party.
  • Alfred is a former resident of The Boy’s Industrial School, a graduate of St. Augustine’s College and Columbia University, New York.
  • Alfredis committed to the philosophy and fundamentals of the PLP and the application of that philosophy to a new vision and transformational change in The Bahamas.  He is committed to servant leadership.
Why did Alfred Sears take a break from front-line politics in May 2012?
  • In 2012 Alfred made the right decision to take a timely break from front-line politics in order to educate his children at the tertiary level and to attend to several urgent personal matters which required his attention.
  • During his time away from front-line politics Alfred has remained committed to national development and service, serving as Chairman of the Council of the College of The Bahamas and leading the transition to the University of The Bahamas.
How can Alfred Sears be the Leader of the governing PLP if he is not a Member of Parliament?
  • There is no requirement under the laws of The Bahamas or the Constitution of the PLP for the leader of the governing party to be a Member of Parliament.
  • In fact, under the parliamentary systemin several other countries (including Canada), a non-parliamentarian has won the leadership of the governing party.
  • The Prime Minister is the Member of Parliament who commands the majority of support in The House of Assembly. The most workable scenario is as follows: the Prime Minister Christiecontinuesfor the remainder of his term as Prime Minister; the new leader, Alfred Sears, focusses on preparing the PLP for the upcoming general elections and sharing the party’s new transformational vision with the general public to move our country forward.
At 63 is Alfred Sears too old to be the next leader of the PLP?
  • Definitely not! Alfred provides a new youthful and energized vision for The Bahamas. He is focused energized and committed to bringing about transformationalchanges in our country.
  • Alfredpossesses the maturityand experience necessary to be a dynamic and transformative leader whilebreaking the mold and shaking up the status quo throughthe implementation of new policy positions and programs on behalf of the Bahamian people.
Will Alfred Sears support the leadership of the PLP if he is unsuccessful?
  • Alfred fully supports the currentPrime Minister and Leader of the PLP. Alfred continues to express and affirm his gratitude to the Prime Minister for the confidence and trust reposed in him as a former Cabinet member with responsibility for two ministries under the leadership of the Prime Minister.
  • Alfred has always been and remains a team player. At this time in his political career, he is of the viewthat he has a concrete, tangible, comprehensiveand productive plan to offer to the Bahamian people to bolster our continued development and positive growth.
  • Alfred’s campaign for leadership of the PLP is not about personalities or any particular individual but solely about his transformational visionand plan for the future of our Bahamas.
  • Alfred believes in the philosophy of the PLP and believes that it is the party best positioned to bring about transformative change in The Bahamas.
  • Alfred will also remain committed to serving the good people of the Fort Charlotte Constituency
How does Alfred Sears contesting the PLP leadership affect the party’s chances of winning the next general election?
  •   Alfred brings a new vision, transformational programs, energy and the type of servant leadership that can attract undecided voters, frustrated, disappointed and disgruntled PLPs and unenthused FNMs, to vote for the PLP and its new vision for The Bahamas.
  • Alfred Sears believes that the PLP must win the next general election.  He also believes that the PLP will be risking victory at the polls if the party expects to win the general election by default.
  • With Alfred Sears as leader and the renewed vision at hand, the PLP will be well positioned to win the next general election.
Does the Fort Charlotte Branch of the PLP support Alfred Sears’ candidacy for leadership of the party?
  •  Yes! Yes! Yes! It was the Fort Charlotte PLP Branch that first encouraged Alfred Sears to offer for leader of the PLP and which advised the party that they would wish to see Alfred in a position of leadership.
  • The Branch has since issued a Press Statement to advise the general public of their unequivocal support for Alfred Sears and his right to run for leader of the PLP.
What is Alfred Sears’ vision for The Bahamas?

A summary of Alfred’s vision for The Bahamas entitled “A Vision for Our Revolution” will be published and widely distributed throughout The Bahamas in the coming weeks.

How can I join the revolution?

It’s time to join the revolution and be counted. Volunteers can join the effort by calling (242) 328-7486; e-mailing us at or visiting our webpage at