Youth Development

Establish a National Youth Service Program, managed by public/private partnerships, to provide civic and skill training for community service by Bahamian high school graduates to qualify, after completion, for scholarships for tuition education, internships and entrepreneurial support.


  • ŸŸEstablish a National Innovation Centre, in public/private partnership, to promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship; to provide access to investors, mentors and labs; to provide incubation facilities for new enterprises in order to translate ideas of Bahamians into commercial products and enterprises.


  • ŸŸEncourage and support, through public private partnerships, all young persons in The Bahamas to belong to a youth organization, such as The Boys Brigade, The Girl Guides, The Boy Scouts or
    a church, community or civic youth organization.


  • ŸŸProvide Sexual Health Education in schools, public announcements, media, church and civic organizations.


  • ŸŸEstablish, through a partnership among the Government, Churches and civic organizations, community based restorative justice centers to victims a greater voice and divert many alleged offenders away from the criminal court and prison system.


  • ŸŸDevelop a national big-brother/ big–sister program to foster the mentorship of at risk youth and provide exposure to the work place and opportunities.